Massage Therapy

Types of Massage

Your choice of:

Swedish– the top choice for a relaxing experience. This technique increases levels of oxygen in the blood, improving circulation and flexibility.

Deep Tissue- relax mental and physical tension- deep tissue releases muscle pain and stiffness and allows you to unwind mentally by releasing built up toxins.

Sports Massage- a combination of multiple techniques, including Swedish, deep tissue, and passive stretching.

Prenatal (after first trimester)- this safe, lighter massage concentrates on the most needed areas of the body, assisting with fluid retention, neck pain, back aches, and improving muscle tone to the expected mother.

Reflexology-  this technique is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, in addition to reflexing on areas of the feet that correspond to specific organs of the body.

Myokinesthetic- A series of massages to balance your posture and restore your central nervous system to the way it should be.


Myokinesthetic package – $300


Your choice of:

Grapefruit- uplift and refresh your inner body

Lavender- feel certain, collected, and calm

Lemon Eucalyptus- shift into a sense of wellness, bring about sense of optimism

Calming blend- perfect for life’s most stressful moments

Deep tissue blend- a cooling sensation for the deepest of massages

Motivation blend- an excellent jump start to your busy busy day

Serenity blend- reduce every day stress and have a good night’s sleep

Balancing blend- combat anxiety and promote tranquility in your day to day life.

Peppermint- energize and bring new life to your body



CBD provides amazing anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties, especially to tense muscles and achy joints.


Suction is placed over particular muscles to lift, separate, and mobilize the body. Increases blood-flow; helps with pain, inflammation, and improves your overall well-being.


Natural Himalayan salt exfoliates, detoxifies, and their ions zero out the body’s electromagnetic field to soothe away stress and tension, promoting an increased sense of well-being.


Basalt is a type of volcanic rock that retains heat well.

Benefits of hot stones include: releasing toxins from the body, increase body energy, reduce stress, relax muscle tension, increase metabolism, and increase circulation.


Designed to treat soft tissue pains by accelerating the growth and repair of tissue. Percussion technique also increases blood flow to the painful area/s while increasing range of motion and function.

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