Permanent Makeup


Whether you have naturally thin brows, misshaped brows, or light-colored brows, permanent makeup is perfect for you! Eyebrow PMU is one of our favorite self-improvements! It’s face changing!

Techniques – Microblading by hand or machine nano strokes, power, ombre, and combo


Bring in pictures of what you like and your makeup artist will work with you to meet your goals otherwise, part of being an artist is to look at your canvas and depict which colors and styles compliment the best.


Whether you want subtle pink or a daring red, we have options.

Techniques- lip liner is an option for those wanted to accentuate the borders of their lips or lip blushing for a complete refresh of color to the entire lips.


EYEBROWS – Initial visit + free touch up in 4-6 weeks = $400

EYELINER – Initial visit + 1 free touch up in 4-6 weeks = $350


Liner- Initial visit + 1 free touch up in 4-6 weeks = $250

Full color- Initial visit + 1 free touch up in 4-6 weeks = $350

Ready to look flawless?

It’s time to put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Get started with a flawless service today.

July’s Promos

Lip blushing + Lip filler = only $600
Latisse 5ml vials = $40 off and 3ml vials = $20 off
Microneedling is $100 off any package of 3
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